Whether you’re restoring a Studebaker pickup truck, piecing together a mean-looking old school rat rod, or laying sweet stripes down the hood of a classic muscle car, there are times when a glossy paint job just wouldn’t look right.  On projects where a smooth satin finish is the only thing that’ll do the trick, Kirker’s all-new HOT ROD BLACK is the only way to go.

Sure, some like to “drive her in primer,” or opt for a quick and cheap “rattle-can” paint job, but Kirker’s new activated single-stage acrylic urethane HOT ROD BLACK is a much better choice than any those other options.  Here’s why:


Better than lacquer primer:

Even as an undercoat, lacquer is well past its prime.  An inferior and outdated coating technology, lacquer has the tendency to scratch easily and can crack over time due to ultra-violet exposure, as well as chemicals and everyday wear and tear.


Better than epoxy primer:

While a premium undercoat material with exceptional adhesion and rust inhibitive qualities, epoxy primers were never designed for exterior durability.  They can quickly turn chalky when exposed to harmful UV and tend to mar very easily.


Better than “rattle can” paint jobs:

Aerosol paints are easy to use and exceptionally low cost, but that’s where the benefits end.  Filled with low-grade enamel, “spray bombs” can’t offer the same long-term durability or protection required for exterior automotive applications.


Better than implement paint:

Also made from low-grade materials, this type of synthetic enamel paint is intended for short-term use on farm and field equipment. Often used without hardener, it is an exceptionally weak coating that cannot be expected to hold up over a long time.


Because Kirker’s HOT ROD BLACK is a true acrylic urethane topcoat, it has exceptional long-term durability and resistance to UV and chemicals, as well as scratching and marring from everyday wear.  UA-70388 is a two-component system that mixes 3:1 with UA-1600 Activator.  No further reduction is required.  Designed to flow easily and give complete coverage in two medium wet coats. 


HOT ROD BLACK has the flexibility to be used in any number of different applications, for accent or overall work on street rods, choppers, old school gassers and muscle cars.  Can also be used on interior parts and chassis as well as on truck and bus hoods to reduce distracting sun glare.

See product Technical Data Sheet for more detailed information. (PDF)


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