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Metallic Effect Stabilizer / Base Converter

ULTRA-LOCK is a combination Effect Additive and Basecoat Converter designed for use with Kirker’s ULTRA-GLO 2.8 VOC Single-Stage Urethane color system.  UA-2400 significantly improves sprayability by stabilizing metallic and pearl particles, locking these effect pigments in place for an even, streak-free finish.  This additive also converts single-stage urethanes into fast-drying, low-gloss, basecoat-like finishes.  Packaged in quarts, ULTRA-LOCK mixes into the ULTRA-GLO system at 3:1:1 (three parts color, one part activator, one part additive).



UFE8 is designed to combat fish eyes or cratering in urethane finishes.  Fish eyes are caused by contamination – most often in the form of silicone, water, oil and/or grease – on the substrate.  The best defense against fish eyes is a properly prepared surface and clean work environment, however sometimes despite efforts to keep things clean, contamination appears.  In those situations, a little Fish Eye Eliminator (up to ½ ounce per sprayable quart) goes a long way to ease surface tension and allow the coating to flow properly.


Effect Additives

SF-Series Super Flakes are brightly colored particles, precision cut from ultra-thin sheets of vacuum metalized polyester film.  The resulting dimensional pigment brings big life to any finish. Strong, beautiful colors from across the spectrum combine with dazzling glitter effects to add plenty of punch. Hex-shaped flakes are cut to .004” (that’s about 100 microns, or roughly 1/256 of an inch). Super Flakes are available in 16 brilliant color options which can be applied over different ground coats or blended together to provide unlimited opportunities for customization.


  SF410  Orange Burst Super Flake
  SF412  Copper Penny Super Flake
  SF415  24 Karat Gold Super Flake
  SF430  Livewire Green Super Flake
  SF433  Aquatica Super Flake
  SF440  LED Blue Super Flake
  SF442  Crystal Blue Super Flake
  SF444  Electric Blueberry Super Flake

  SF449  Midnight Blue Super Flake
  SF450  Voltage Red Super Flake
  SF455  Ultra Violet Super Flake
  SF456  Cherry Cola Super Flake
  SF458  Fuchsia Super Flake
  SF460  Silver Dollar Super Flake
  SF470  Obsidian Super Flake
  SF480  Snowflake Super Flake


Effect Additives

These dazzling iridescent particles are cut from the same material as the SF-Series, but are two times larger. Twice the size means twice the reflectivity, but the HF-Series flakes also add a spectacular color-shifting prismatic effect. Hex-shaped flakes are cut to .008” (roughly 200 microns, or about 1/125 of an inch). There are five different Holographic Flake colors to choose from, but blending these into complementary SF-Series Flakes will lead to countless new combinations and unique color effects.


  HF580  Redline Holographic Flake
  HF581  Blazer Blue Holographic Flake
  HF582  High Sparkle Orange Holographic Flake
  HF583  Caribbean Green Holographic Flake
  HF584  Silver Bling Holographic Flake


Effect Additives

Create a silky smooth appearance with beautiful luster and soft color shifts using Kirker’s SP-Series Shimmer Pearls. These rich colors deliver bright results with a beautiful interference effect. Shimmer Pearls can be used to enhance existing factory-packs and/or SPECTRA Series candy colors, or dropped into clear and applied over different ground coats to create entirely new hues. There are 12 different Shimmer Pearls to choose from:


  SP100  Creamsicle Pearl                                           
  SP114  Lemonade Pearl           

  SP118  Frappuccino Pearl                                    

  SP130  Granny Smith Pearl                                   

  SP132  Mojito Mint Pearl                                      
  SP140  Glacier Blue Pearl                                     

  SP142  Cyprus Blue Pearl

  SP144  Cayman Blue Pearl
  SP146  Super Blue Pearl
  SP150  Watermelon Sorbet Pearl   

  SP153  Amethyst Pearl

  SP160  Graphite Pearl


Flake & Pearl Effect Carrier

EC310 MIDCOAT CLEAR is a low-build intercoat clear designed specifically to hold dry flakes and pearl additives in suspension, providing maximum control for custom color and effect applications. That means less settling in the cup and better consistency out of the gun. More importantly, the suspending agents in this specialty clear also allow for more uniform distribution and orientation of effect particles for even, repeatable results. This fast-drying formula is low-build, making it easier to stack multiple coats without fear of excessive film thickness.

Unlike competitive intercoat clears, EC310 is an activated urethane, making it far more durable and less prone to any coat-to-coat adhesion problems caused by sandwiching single-component air-dry films in between urethane coatings.


Kirker’s Midcoat Clear Flake & Pearl Carrier is packaged in a round gallon can and a round quart can, both ¾ full to allow plenty of space for blending in effect additives at high speed.

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