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This is an aggressive pre-cleaner designed to remove all traces of wax, grease, silicone, oil, road tar, adhesive and other contaminants from the vehicle before sanding or other prep work begins. Wax & Grease Remover should never be used on paint that has already been sanded, fiberglass, plastic or anything previously painted with lacquer.


After thoroughly cleaning the surface with water and detergent, towel dry, then apply Wax & Grease Remover to one section at a time. Wipe onto the surface using a clean rag, then wipe off using a different clean dry rag before solvent evaporates. If pre-cleaner flashes dry before it can be removed, re-wet the panel and continue. Use separate rags to apply and remove to prevent the transfer of contaminants from one panel to the next.



This is a mild pre-cleaner designed for use after the surface has been sanded, or any time Wax & Grease Remover may be too aggressive. Use Surface Wash as a final pre-cleaner to remove sanding debris, fingerprints, oils and other contaminants before applying any coatings. Surface Wash may also be used to neutralize Kirker’s DTM PREP Acid Etch Wash (6860).


Apply in the same manner as Wax & Grease Remover, wiping on with a clean rag, then wiping off with a different clean dry rag. Work only one section at a time and do not allow the cleaner to evaporate. Wipe off while the panel is still wet and sanding sludge is floating off the surface. Repeat if necessary, then ensure surface is completely dry before applying any coating.


Acid Etch Wash

DTM PREP is an acid-based conditioner designed to chemically etch bare metal substrates for improved adhesion while also converting light surface rust and protecting against future corrosion.


An excellent choice for use after sandblasting, DTM PREP neutralizes flash rust and turns surface oxidation into iron phosphate – a dark gray-colored conversion coating that protects metal from further corrosion while it’s waiting to be coated with DIRECT PRIME DTM 2K Urethane Primer Surfacer, ENDURO PRIME DTM Epoxy Primer or another direct to metal primer.



Keeping expensive paint guns and other equipment clean and well maintained won’t guarantee quality results, but it certainly improves chances of laying down a finish to be proud of time after time. Kirker’s VOC Compliant Paint Gun & Spray Equipment Cleaner works quickly to break down paint residue and overspray after using urethane, epoxy, enamel or waterborne coatings. This heavy-duty cleaner is made with high-quality virgin solvents for maximum strength. May be used to clean paint guns by hand or in automatic gun cleaning systems.

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