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BLACK DIAMOND Low-VOC Urethane Reducer

Made from different blends of high-quality exempt solvents, these urethane-grade reducers aid flow and help deliver a beautiful finish in any of the BLACK DIAMOND Series Low-VOC systems.  Four speeds allows for even greater control over conditions.  Because of the exempt contents, these reducers are also a great choice in place of conventional solvents in other coatings systems to help maintain VOC compliance.  Packaged in quarts only.

LVR-565     Fast (Spot Repair)
LVR-575     Medium (Spot/Panel Repair)
LVR-585     Slow (Panel/Overall Repair)
LVR-595     Super Slow (Overall Repair)

ULTRA-GLO Urethane-Grade Reducer

A premium-quality alcohol and water-free urethane reducer, this series is designed to be used with Kirker’s ULTRA-GLO single-stage urethane paints, SPECTRA Series urethane candy system and even the BLACK DIAMOND Series Low-VOC basecoat in areas where VOC limits allow.  May also be used to cut viscosity and aid flow in 2K urethane primers, epoxy primer, Super Rust Stop non-sanding primer and any of Kirker’s urethane clearcoats.  Packaged in both gallons and quarts.

UR-8065     Fast (For use below 70°F)     Quart
UR-9065     Fast (For use below 70°F)     Gallon
UR-8075     Medium (For use between 70-80°F)     Quart
UR-9075     Medium (For use between 70-80°F)     Gallon
UR-8085     Slow (For use between 80-90°F)     Quart
5     Slow (For use between 80-90°F)     Gallon
UR-8095     Super Slow (For use above 90°F)     Quart
UR-9095     Super Slow (For use above 90°F)     Gallon


ACRYL-GLO Acrylic Enamel Reducer

Designed for use with the ACRYL-GLO acrylic enamel topcoat color system, these reducers also are used with SUPER RUST STOP non-sanding primers when topcoating with ACRYL-GLO.  Available in three speeds.  Packaged in gallons and quarts.

R-7920     Fast (For use below 70°F)     Quart
R-7910     Fast (For use below 70°F)     Gallon
R-7921     Medium (For use between 70-80°F)     Quart
     Medium (For use between 70-80°F)     Gallon
R-7922     Slow (For use above 80°F)     Quart
R-7912     Slow (For use above 80°F)     Gallon

SYN-GLO Synthetic Enamel Reducer

Kirker’s fast-drying Synthetic Enamel Reducers are designed specifically for use in the SYN-GLO topcoat system.  Also used in SUPER RUST STOP non-sanding primers when topcoating with synthetic enamel.  Available in three speeds.  Packaged in gallons only.

R-8250     Fast (For use below 70°F)     
R-8253     Medium (For use between 70-80°F)
R-8256     Slow (For use above 80°F)

Low-VOC Lacquer Thinner

This premium-quality Low-VOC Lacquer Thinner is designed for use in Kirker’s High Build Acrylic Lacquer Primer Surfacers and is also widely used as a clean-up item.   Packaged in gallons only.


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